Phenomenal President Of Consulting Company Has The Quality Necessary For Membership With Stanford Who’s Who

Stanford Who’s Who welcomes Karen J. Delaney to the ranks of premier professionals as a result of her outstanding work in the field of new product development and quality systems. As President of Helix Consulting Group for the past 18 years, Karen has consistently displayed the passion, vision and dedication necessary to be among the best.

Helix Consulting Group helps clients with ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements. They assist in new product development and approvals with organizations such as the FDA, FAA and TCCA. Helix also aids clients in acquiring HC Licenses and CE Marking.

Karen has exceptional expertise in quality assurance, regulations and training. During her educational career, she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Memorial University. Karen is a member of the American Society for Quality. In the time away from her busy schedule, she enjoys dragon boating.

Karen Delaney - Compliance - Stanford Who's Who Certified

Helix Consulting Group